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Nobody wants to wait for 10 hours or more for an IDX provider to refresh property listings. Our PropertyPress IDX plugin updates in 5 minutes on average, using data from more than 360 MLS databases. In today’s ultra-competitive market you can use that speed to your advantage to quickly close deals.

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Integrates seamlessly into your existing WordPress real estate website – no i-frames involved. Visitors can easily find a property listing they want with improved property search filters for a better user experience.

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Thousands of homes are listed everyday, with MLS updates every 5 minutes on average, your visitors will have access to the most up-to-date inventory of properties so they can make their offer quickly.

property listings

No more subdomains! PropertyPress IDX works flawlessly with your WordPress real estate website, optimizing search engine crawling of updated property listings.

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Visitors can immediately share a listing via Facebook or Twitter. Make social media work in your favor – post a new property listing in Facebook, tweet another listing. Be the leading agent in your neighborhood!

Outdated IDX
hurts your business!

Outdated listings are hurting your bottom line – your property inventory is not moving at all, bounce rates are getting higher, and your IDX plugin is slooow to refresh. Even the search box itself is hurting your SEO effort. New listings take at least a day to appear in search results – and you know that’s BAAAD for business!

Time to switch to an IDX plugin that updates every 5 minutes.

Head over to the quick side with PropertyPress IDX plugin – extreme MLS coverage that updates in less than 10 minutes. Use the latest listing updates to your advantage in accelerating deals with buyers, moving items in your inventory, and taking a lead role in your area.