Home Inspection

The Importance of Choosing the Right Home Inspector

One of our most important responsibilities as your buyer representative is the management of your home inspection process. We help you select a top notch home inspector. Then we attend your inspection with you and help you determine the best course of action if any defects are uncovered during the inspection.

Choosing the right home inspector is a very important decision. Don’t choose a home inspector based on price. Instead choose the home inspector you feel will do the best job of protecting your interests.

We highly recommend you hire a home inspector who uses the latest technologies to detect hidden moisture and mold issues. Our inspector is able to do so because he uses a moisture probe and a thermal imaging camera to detect moisture intrusions behind walls, in the ceiling, and underneath flooring.

We also recommend you hire a home inspector who uses a digital camera to document all defects in the inspection report. Many home inspectors do not use pictures, but keep in mind sellers are much more likely to agree with a finding when a picture clearly exposes the defect (pictures are especially helpful when the seller no longer lives in the home).

Imagine telling a seller there is a crack in the foundation of his home, beneath the drywall, but that crack cannot be seen. That would be a very tough sell.

Now imagine showing the seller a picture from a thermal imaging camera that clearly shows where the crack is allowing moisture to seep into the home. That’s the value of a top notch home inspector. A top notch home inspector is worth his weight in gold.

Before you close on your home, you want some peace of mind that the home you are about to purchase is a safe and sound investment. This is one key reason why you want to hire a professional and ethical buyer representative to assist you with the purchase of your home. A great buyer agent will not only help you find the perfect home at the perfect price, but also advance and protect your best interests every step of the way.



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