What Do You Do When Water Comes in the Basement?

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Recently, I got a question from a homeowner about water intruding into his basement. Today, I brought in an expert, Jerin Zander from Zander Solutions, to talk about how to address water damage. Zander Solutions is a waterproofing contractor that serves all of Dane County, as well as surrounding counties. His company also installs radon mitigation systems, which we will talk about in a future video.

If water is coming in the basement, the first thing you need to do is figure out where the water is coming from. Water can actually enter your basement in many different ways. Water can come through the walls via a crack, honeycombed concrete, or an unsealed tie in the concrete. Water can also come over the top of the wall, or there could be a grading or landscaping issue that drives water into the basement. Water could also come underneath the floor due to hydrostatic pressure.

Different scenarios require different fixes. The best way to figure out what’s going on is to do a water test. Jerin and his company can run water outside of the basement in order to find the problem.

First you have to figure out where the water is coming from.


If water is coming in through a crack in the wall, that can be fixed with an epoxy injection. This is the least expensive fix and usually runs from $400 to $600. If Jerin and his company need to put in a new drain tile system, that can be an expensive fix depending on the area. Cutting into the drain tile system can be a lot of work.

To see a complete repair you can WATCH THIS 2-MINUTE VIDEO to see a time-lapse of exactly what’s involved.

Since cutting into the drain tile is the most expensive fix, it is also the last resort. Jerin will work to rule everything else out first before replacing the drain tile system.

If you have any questions for Jerin, you can call him at 608.821.4370 or email him at jzander@zandersolutions.com. You can also visit www.ZanderSolutions.com for more information.

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