A Few Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter is coming. Here’s how you can get your home ready.
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I’ve got a few quick tips to share with you today that will help you get your home ready for the cold temperatures that are coming this winter. Here are six of my best tips:

1. Remove garden hoses from water spigots and drain them. If you leave a hose attached, it may hold water that could freeze and end up bursting your spigot and flooding your basement.


Don’t leave your hoses attached to the spigots.


2. Get your furnace serviced. If your furnace hasn’t been checked in the last year, this is a smart thing to do. You should change the filter at the very least.

3. Turn the ceiling fans in reverse. This will push the warmer from the ceiling into the room and help you stay more comfortable.

4. Open the lower cold air return vents and close the upper ones. This will draw the cold air from near the floor into the furnace during the colder months.

5. Install storm windows or doors. Window insulation kits can also do a great job of stopping drafts coming through your windows.

6. Clean the gutters. Don’t forget to clean those out before the weather starts getting cold and the snow starts falling.

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