Market Report- Housing Starts

March 2015 Dane County Housing Starts up Over 20%

Monthly Trend – Dane County Housing Starts

Dane County housing starts moved from 83 in March of 2014 to 100 in March of 2015 – an increase of 20.5%.

The graph below shows the number of monthly Dane County housing starts dating back to January, 2005. Each green data point represents an increase from the same month of the prior year. Each red data point represents a decrease. Housing starts have increased by more than 20% during each of the first three months of 2015.

Dane County housing starts

Housing starts this month were the highest for any March in the last 8 years. The graph below shows the number of Dane County housing starts for every March dating back to 1999.

Dane County housing starts by month

Year-to-Date Trend – Dane County Housing Starts

Dane County year-to-date housing starts through March moved from 209 in 2014 to 253 in 2015, an increase of 21.1%.

Year-to-date housing starts

Recent History – Dane County Housing Starts

From the graph below you’ll see there were at least 2,300 housing starts during the five-year period that spanned 2001 to 2005. Housing starts decreased significantly each of the next 3 years, followed by a more moderate decrease in 2009. Housing starts ended the 2013 year at their highest level in the previous 6 years, an encouraging development for the Dane County housing market. Housing starts in 2014 remained stable relative to the year before.

Recent History- Dane County housing starts



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