Easily Winterize Your Home With These Tips

Here are six tips that will get your home ready for the winter season. 

How do you get your house ready for winter? Leaves are almost all down, and winter’s on its way. While there are probably a few nice days left this year, it won’t be for long. Now is the perfect time to get everything ready for the winter. Here are a few things that I recommend you should do before the snow falls:


1. Take your hoses off your outdoor faucets. Drain them and store them. The older-style faucets or spigots can be shut off from the inside of the house, while the newer ones have a valve that shuts when you turn it. This way, they’ll be less apt to freeze unless it’s extremely cold.


2. Clean the gutters. Once the leaves are all down, get all the sticks and debris out of your gutters so you won’t have issues with water freezing in there and clogging the drain. If you leave it unattended, this could lead to a problem with ice damming and cause damage to your house.


3. Make sure your snow blower works. If you have a snow blower, make sure that it runs correctly.


“Regularly check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.”


4. Winterize the lawn mower. Once you’re done with the final mowing of the lawn, it’s time to winterize the lawn mower. Put it in the back of the garage, and move your working shovels up front. You may also want to pick up some ice melt or some sand if you don’t have any.


5. Check your smoke detectors and high-low vents. It’s always a good idea to regularly check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if necessary, and make sure that they work properly. Also, don’t forget to routinely check your high-low vents.


6. Set up your holiday decorations. If you have plans to decorate for the holidays, do it now before it becomes too cold to go outside.


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