How Can You Get the Best Results When Selling Your Dane County Home?


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If you’re planning on selling this spring, now is the time to start the process. It’s crucial to get your home ready if you want to get selling results. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

  • Check the age of various large components to your home. Take a look at items like your roof, furnace, central air unit, and hot water heater to make sure they are still in working order. All of these items have a certain life expectancy, and if needed, it may be better to replace them now rather then later. A knowledgable Realtor can help advise you.
  • Bring in a Realtor. We work with buyers and sellers all the time, so we know what to expect from each side of the transaction. We know what’s working, what’s not working, and what buyers want to see from a home!
  • Consider hiring a professional inspector. Having a pre-inspection done can be important for a number of reasons. For one, an inspector will be able to identify things that are wrong with the house before a buyer comes across them. You can then document the changes you make to show the buyer.
  • Pretend that you’re the buyer and do a walkthrough. Really go through your house and look at it with the eyes of a buyer. Go in, take a look, and identify things that need to be fixed before you would buy it.
  • Consider renovations and upgrades. You may not want to do any huge projects before selling, as there is a good chance you won’t get a return. However, there are various small upgrades you can do to add value to your home. If you put in the right things you will get your money back!

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