Market Report- Pending Condo Sales

Dane County MLS Pending Condo Sales Update – March 2015

We measure the number of Dane County condo listings with accepted offers on the last day of each month. This snapshot provides us with a forward looking view of condo sales over the next two months.

Dane County Pending Condo Sales – March 2015 (excluding homes) Dane County Pending Condo Sales - March 2015 (excluding homes)

On March 31st, 282 Dane County condo listings had accepted offers, which is 22% above the 232 pending condo sales from March 31st of 2014. This snapshot suggests we’ll see April and May condo sales well above the sales levels from the same months of the year prior. *Note this month’s pending condo sales total is up 1.4% from the pending condo sales total in March of 2013 and up 66% from the pending sales total in March of 2012. Pending condos sales are lower than they otherwise would be due to a lack of inventory available for sale.



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