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Buying A Home, For The Majority Of Us, Will More Than Likely Be One Of The Most Expensive Purchases In Our Lives. It’s No Wonder, A Very Large Portion Of Our Pay Checks Goes To Paying On Our Home, Upkeep, Taxes & Insurance. Have You Ever Looked At Your 30 Year Amortization Schedule?? Talk About Shocking- Just Look At How Much You Are Paying Back To Your Lender At The End Of Those 30 Years To Really Get An Ideal Of That Expensive Purchase.  If Your Credit Has Been Maintained, You Are Probably Paying A Very Nice Low Interest Rate. If  Your Loan Was Financed  Some Years Ago, & You Still Have Quite A Few Years To Pay Off The  Mortgage, You May Want To Check In To Refinancing Into Those Better Interest Rates. Why Not Lessen Your Financial Strain? There Are Other Ways To Lower The Amount You Are Paying Back On Your Loan Too. A Good Area To Start With Is Putting Your Home On A 15 Year  Mortgage Pay Back Plan-You Can Just Make Extra Principal Each Month. Also Try Paying Your Mortgage BiWeekly- Split The Payment Up To Where Its Being Paid Every Two Weeks, With The 2nd Portion Of Your Payment Paid Before Or On The Due Date-On This You Will Need To Speak With Your Lender To Make Sure This Is An Option They Offer. If Not Paying Extra Principal Will Still Make A Difference. I Hope This Article Will Help You Save Some Cash & Perhaps Pay Off Your Mortgage, If Desired, Earlier.

Gina R Miller


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